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If you are simply looking to browse articles by topic, there are three top-level pages to choose from: For biographies, see Category:People. It is itself an outline, that links (almost) exclusively to other outlines. Presented by type: Most popular articles. It is the ancestor of all other outlines, and they branch out from it, in successive levels. Spoken articles Growing collections of Wikipedia articles are starting to become available as spoken word recordings as well. Third-party classification systems, various third-party classification systems have been mapped to Wikipedia articles, which can be accessed from these pages: Vital articles, main page: Wikipedia:Vital articles.

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There are several ways to karvaset pillut sexy girls pics find timelines: List of timelines has a long single-page collection Category:Timelines has a comprehensive multi-page collection via the Wikipedia category system Of particular interest may be: Glossaries Glossaries are lists of terms with definitions. Outline of knowledge is the top-level outline, its subject being the broadest one of all. Outline pages, outline pages have trees of topics in an outline format, which in turn are linked to further outlines and articles providing more detail. If you would like to look around the encyclopedia to see what is on it, use Wikipedia's. List pages List pages enumerate items of a particular type, such as the List of sovereign states or List of South Africans. Outline of academic disciplines covers subjects studied in college or university, and provides links to prose overview articles and their corresponding outlines. Reference collections, wikipedia has several types of pages which provide content in a non-prose form, for reference purposes. Wikipedia has "lists of lists" when there are too many items to fit on a single page, when the items can be sorted in different ways, or as a way of navigating lists on a topic (for example Lists. Links to all of Wikipedia's main contents pages are presented below, and they in turn link to the more specific pages. Curated article collections, overview articles, overview articles summarize in prose a broad topic like biology, and also have illustrations and links to subtopics like cell biology, biographies like, carl Linnaeus, and other related articles like. They provide a roadmap for a course of study in a particular subject. It is automatically generated from category tags at the bottoms of articles and most other pages. Special format collections Portals Portals include featured articles, images, news, categories, excerpts of key articles, links to related portals, and to-do lists for editors. Portal:Contents/Outlines is a comprehensive list of "Outline of pages, organized by subject. There are several ways to find lists: Portal:Contents/Lists A limited single-page collection of lists and lists of lists List of lists of lists A broad single-page collection of lists of lists Category:Lists Browse lists comprehensively via the multi-page Wikipedia category system Timelines. Portal:Contents/AZ index provides an easy way to skip to a particular part of the alphabet in the list of all articles. If you know the name of an article for which you are looking, simply type it into Wikipedia's search box. There are two ways to find portals: Wikipedia books Wikipedia books are collections of Wikipedia articles that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed into a book. seksiasennot kuvia escort date